Youre lovely Pixiedust and wonderlust
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fuckyeahsexysocksclub-deactivat: Hello we were wondering if you could submit some cute sexy socks photo to our new blog. We are just getting started and need your help. We will give you credit and a link to your blog with the submission if you want or we can keep it anon if you would rather keep it a secret. We seriously love your blog and you are so pretty it would be our honor to have you on our site. Check the site for submission examples. Hope to hear from you soon. -G

I would love to :) I will submit something in the next day or two :)


I Wanna Be Yours
Arctic Monkeys

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the best sentence in all the world
Anonymous: Oh no, what happened to you and Justin?

We broke up for a brief period. We are back together now💕💕💕

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I was feeling pretty sexy the other night~

fill in the blanks (by flora-file)
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(by Montgomery.)

kill me